Visionstream has been awarded a 19 month contract for the work that includes design, construction and commissioning of the pit, pipe and fibre optic cable within the Temporary Transit Fibre Network (TTFN) for all new developments and within new estates across the two states.

Allan Bradford, General Manager of Visionstream, said “We are pleased to secure another package of work on this nation building infrastructure project, expanding the NBN Co even further into new homes and estates across Victoria and Queensland.”

“There is a high demand for this work as both Queensland and Victoria have some of the largest growth corridors in Australia. This contract will enable Visionstream to meet the needs of these new developments that are waiting for high speed broadband connections.”

The construction of the New Developments network links the estate to the TTFN onto a third party service, which in turn links back to a Point of Interconnect into the NBN Co Transit Network.

“This contract demonstrates Visionstream’s capability as a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure delivery and operations services. We bring seventeen years of national and international experience in innovative customer-centric integrated design, construction, operation and maintenance services with telecommunications networks and we look forward to continuing to deliver the NBN Co’s network throughout the country.

“Visionstream has been the leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure to greenfield estates Australia wide for more than 10 years. We are at the forefront of Fibre Technology including the design and construction of nearly 10,000 greenfield lots nationally,” Mr Bradford said. 

“Visionstream has an intimate knowledge of the stringent NBN Co processes and standards required of developers to enable NBN Co Network Compliance and to help deliver superfast broadband services to Australians in urban and regional towns.

“We are continuing to secure significant national contracts and customers across all ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) and telecommunications areas and this recent NBN Co contract is another that will set Visionstream and our Telecommunications business as Australia’s premier specialist ICT provider,” Mr Bradford said.

Visionstream’s project construction for NBN Co New Developments is set to commence immediately.