As part of a broader integrated design team, Visionstream will design, install and commission key components of the next-generation ICT infrastructure for Adelaide’s technologically advanced health facility. This includes:

  • a high availability ICT network infrastructure comprising all core, distribution, edge switching and wireless access points throughout the facility
  • the IP PABX, delivering a unified communications system including wired and wireless handsets to be deployed throughout the facility
  • a wireless real time location system for patient and equipment tracking.

Allan Bradford, Visionstream General Manager, said “This is the first time that this level of integrated communications technology and capability will be showcased as the new Royal Adelaide Hospital will be a world class facility and the most technologically advanced health facility in Australia. Visionstream are proud to be part of such a significant project.”

The design of the integrated technology solution will focus on enabling the provision of the South Australian Government’s model of care, utilising technology to enable the provision of safe care, reduce time spent on menial and administrative tasks and increasing clinician-patient time.

“Our integrated wireless networks, combined with tagging and tracking functionality, will assist medical administrators to manage both, patient intake and care, as well as health care equipment throughout the hospital enabling new Royal Adelaide Hospital to break new ground in the provision of quality healthcare,” Mr Bradford said.

“Visionstream’s expertise in managing large scale technology and telecommunications solutions will play an important role in the development of what will be one of Australia’s most advanced medical facilities.”

“We are continuing to secure significant national contracts and customers across all ICT and telecommunications areas and this recent contract is another that will set Visionstream and our Telecommunications business as Australia’s premier specialist ICT provider,” Mr Bradford said.