Fiona sits on the Executive Leadership Team at Visionstream, a testament to her ability and hard work over many years. She has also faced a few challenges along the way, including balancing career and family.

“The biggest challenge I have faced is the perception that because I am a mother and don’t work full time that I am not serious about my career,” she said.

Fiona has been working in the telecommunications and construction industry for more than 18 years, having previously spent time in private practice. For the past almost 10 years she has worked in telecommunications, an industry she finds incredibly rewarding.

 “I enjoy the telco industry because it is dynamic and challenging. Generally, people in the telco industry are incredibly smart and always strive to challenge the status quo. As a lawyer this presents challenges but also opportunities.

“I work with some very talented people who challenge me every day. I have learnt so much from these people and they are the reason I enjoy coming to work.

Asked to pinpoint one moment in her career, Fiona said there is not one single achievement that stands out, rather it’s been the times when everyone has come together to meet a common goal.

“I am always proud when I feel that I am part of a high performing team that functions well, collaborates and is willing to go the extra mile to get results,” she said