Given the distances and conditions that Peter drives in, he knows how important it is to be vigilant in managing his safety, and that of other road users. These conditions can include intense heat, torrential rain, livestock and bushfires — but even Peter could not envisage the scenario that would unfold while travelling home from a job in the Northern Territory recently.

Peter had pulled into a rest stop to take his mandatory two-hour break. In the rest stop a number of other people were also stopped. Whilst standing near his vehicle Peter watched a small boy, on holiday with his parents, climb onto the drawbar of a caravan (the bar connecting the van and the vehicle). At the same time, the owners of the caravan were preparing to drive away.

Seeing the impending disaster that was about the happen, Peter quickly moved in and grabbed the boy out of harm’s way. So close was the boy to potentially being run over, that Peter has humbly said it was only a matter of seconds between the boy being saved or something much worse happening.

“Another two seconds and things could have been a lot more serious,” Peter said. “It was just lucky I was where I was when it all unfolded and was able to get the boy and grab him out in time.”

Once the shock of the situation had passed, Peter was thanked by some very grateful parents. “They were very thankful, there were a lot of ‘thank you’s once they had all calmed down,” he said. “They offered me some food they had, I think they didn’t really know how else to thank me.”

Peter’s bravery and quick thinking has not only been recognised by the child’s parents but also by his colleagues and leaders across Visionstream. Well done Peter!

Photo: Peter Dixon